Tapered Roller bearings double-row

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Tapered Roller bearings double-row feature two sets of tapered raceways and tapered rollers, and therefore have higher load carrying capacities and higher stiffness. Furthermore, the raceways and rollers on the two rows are tapered in opposite direction so they can carry axial loads in both the directions.


Tapered Roller bearings double-row is a “pin-type” design that has proven to be very successful in applications that experience very high loads and high speeds. No suffix is used on our bearing number for this cage, while other types of cages have their own suffix code when used. 


This type of bearing is composed of an inner ring, outer ring, and tapered rolling elements. Thanks to the geometry of their design, tapered roller bearings can withstand combined loads (axial and radial). In addition, this design allows rolling movement without the rollers slipping off the tracks of the outer and inner rings. The contact angle of the tapered roller bearings on the rolling tracks is variable, which in each case offsets the application axial and radial loading ratio; at a larger angle, a greater ability to withstand axial loads.